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"Metsä" is a captivating hand-drawn mandala artwork that transports viewers into a verdant realm of intricate details and vibrant hues. This artwork draws inspiration from the Finnish nature and its colors in Spring & Summer, bringing to life the essence of a flourishing forest and serves as a visual ode to the beauty of forests. "Metsä" is a portrayal of a serenity, inviting viewers to experience the calming and rejuvenating energy of nature through the strokes and inspired use of color. Color green dominates the palette, creating a rich heus that mirrors the diverse foliage in nature while adding a touch of warmth with yellow.

Metsä - 2022 | Hand drawn Mandala Art | Original

SKU: 0001
419,00 €Price
    • One Size: A3 - 11.7x16.5" / 29.7 x 41 cms 
    • 300 gsm Water Color Paper
    • Original
    • Handdrawn & Signed 
    • Unframed
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